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Monica/Chien Chien

Monica grew up in Hong Kong, where she had a successful radio-broadcasting career, which she continued after moving to the United States. She is known to her radio fans as Chien Chien or 錢錢. Today, her syndicated Chinese show—Gimme a Break! or 難得糊塗 can be heard in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Monica lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband Terry, daughter Megan, son Jeremy, and her darling pets, Tinkerbelle, Julibean, and a cockatiel, Mr. Wong.

Aside from attending to her family and producing radio shows, Monica developed her talent for animal portraiture. She also has had one consistent love in her life—that of dogs. Monica has always surrounded herself with many fellow dog-lovers. Some of their 4-legged friends became subjects of her art work, thus the seed of publishing these paintings and illustrations was planted. Many of Monica's human friends gladly allowed her the use of the art work for the book, for which she is extremely grateful. She is also thankful for her past and present canine companions for providing endless inspiration for her work.

Mother/Daughter Collaboration

In 2003, Monica began the arduous task of realizing her dream. The book project soon evolved to include her daughter, Megan's poetry. Having grown up with a total of five dogs, Megan has become an involved member of the pet-owner subculture. She wrote a collection of 32 poems in an effort to explore the relationship between dogs and their human families. In August 2005, Dogspell, the first mother/daughter collaboration was published.

Dogspell—the Book

Urged on by her Chinese friends, Monica also published 狗朋久友, the Chinese version of Dogspell, which included her autobiography. The Chinese poems, although inspired by Megan's poems, are not direct translations. Monica's radio fans would certainly appreciate this witty and humorous rendition of dog-subject poems laced with poignancy of the Hong Kong culture.

I Didn't Know—the Song

Co-launched with Dogspell is the second mother/daughter collaboration—a song that portrays a stray dog's hope to be adopted. This song is also available in an English version named I didn't know, and a Chinese version named 有誰知. While Megan wrote the music and English lyrics, Monica co-wrote the Chinese lyrics with famed lyricist John Woo, who has produced, overseen, and written lyrics for Cantonese and Mandarin versions of Disney songs. Both Monica and Megan performed the vocals and produced the songs with the goal of donating all early proceeds to benefit local Dog Rescues.

Click here to listen to song clips: "I Didn't Know" / 有誰知.

With the success of these projects, this mother/daughter team pledges to further their effort and support in promoting the mission of Dog Rescues.

Click on the thumbnail below to view the full size photo of Monica, Megan and one of their dogs, Julibean. They are standing in front of a celebrity caricature wall mural painted by Monica.

Monica and Megan

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Video about Monica/Chien Chien

Learn more about Monica/Chien Chien's career and the August 13 book launch event in Hong Kong.


What Monica's Friends Say

Many of Monica's fans describe her shows as informative, witty and humorous. Although life on the AM frequency is exciting, Monica also pursued her passion for the visual arts full time. Using the media of prisma color pencil, pastel, and oil, she creates stunning images of animals, ballerinas, and beach-scenery.

Monica's paintings capture the essence of the subjects portrayed. Some of her favorite artists are John Singer Sargent, Sir William Russell Flint, Kim Donaldson, and Ramone Kelley. Art patrons have been able to enjoy and bring home some of Monica's collection at galleries in London, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills and Carmel. Prints are now available on-line.

Monica also welcomes portrait painting on a commission basis.

Howard Wan, KMRB Radio, CA

Monica's natural talent for color and composition accompanied by excellent draftsmanship culminate in beautiful fine art.

Gene Mako, Gene Mako Galleries, CA

Monica Dong's pastels not only convey the character of the animal she is portraying, but also reflect the quality of her outstanding draughtsmanship.

Geoffrey Hughes, the Osborne Studio Gallery, UK

Being a professional artist, I am genuinely impressed with Monica's paintings. Even beyond her draftsmanship, she has the talent in mixed media to evoke emotions throughout her images.

In addition, her use of negative space creates a special impact on the viewer.

Mark Geller, Artist, CA

The esthetic appeal of Monica's work touches the beginning collector as well as the seasoned ones.

In addition, the seasoned collector is immediately aware of her taste in composition, her focus of subject matter, and her consistently soft edges. To blend these qualities with her clever use of negative space is a tribute to her talent.

Appreciation for Monica's ability shall remain with those who view it.

Barbara Jones, co-owner of Jones & Terwilliger Gallery, Carmel, CA

Dear Monica,

Thanks to your two lovely paintings of my little Timmy, he will remain with me always.

Laura Mako, Maryland

Monica was delightful to work with. She captured Rusty's personality and charm with a lasting, loving memory.

Karen Pagliuso, Martha's Vineyard, MA

An artist's inspiration is a mysterious voice from the soul.

Monica Dong's spontaneous, clean, and invigorating style combined with a deep understanding of quality and her incessant determination to grow, allow the viewer to explore a diverse subject matter through her work accomplished in a most pleasing way. Her talent, experience, and sensitivity have quenched the thirst of those who yearn for integrity in the contemporary fine art market and her impressive list of accolades only enhance the simple reality of her ability to paint. Our hope is that including her paintings in your fine collections will bring you many years of pleasure and enjoyment.

Jasminka Chenich-Gabrie, Galerie Gabrie, Pasadena, CA

Gallery Fan Mail

Learn more about what Monica's gallery fans said about her art work.


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