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Gallery Fan mail

Hello $$,

Oh Wow!!! You have many impressive paintings in here. I am so proud of you... My favorites are the beach scenery like one of your guests, James Graul wrote. Keep up with your good work!! Good Luck.



Dear $$,

This is a beautiful web site with lots of wonders and goodies in it. But what's most impressive and captivating about your work, besides the subject matter itself, is the spirit and the sense of joy behind each one of them. Great work! I admire your talent tremendously and am even more proud to be your friend. Congratulations!

Ah Jim



Good luck on your adventure. Very nice Paintings. My favorites are the beach paintings.

James Graul

Dear $$,

I have so much to say...just that I don't know how to express myself!!!!! You are great...talented.....hardworking....ambitious.......and much more!!!!

I admire your success and am REALLY REALLY VERY VERY PROUD of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hi $$,

You are the Best! Well done!

Keep up the good work.

John Woo

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Dear Monica,

Visiting your website is a joyful experience. Your artistic presentations capture the souls of these animals. Keep up the good work. Best wishes to your new adventure.

Sandra F.


Dear Chien Chien,

Congratulations on your new adventure.

Your work is amazing! You're so talented! Wish you all the best! Thanks also for giving us such good times on the air.



Hello $$:

I feel sad about can't listened your voices in 1430 no more, but I feel happy for you, your wonderful very good and very nice. I like the "Just Around the Corner" and "Yumi" maybe I like dogs very much. Anyway good luck to you and take care, OK.

Bonnie Chan


Good job on the web site! The little dog in your painting "Just Around the Corner" is very cute and I especially enjoy it. You are a very talented artist and please keep up with your good work!

Best wishes in your fine art career. We are looking forward to seeing more of your masterpieces.

Best regards,


Hi Chien Chien,

After visiting your art gallery, I can really see you going very far with your painting career. So far, my favorites are the "Just around the corner" and the "Snow Leopard". I guess I like the big-head shots because I like how you portray the details and particularly the eyes. The website itself is very impressive, too. Can't wait to see more of your masterpieces. Best of luck!


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Chin Chin,

Very impressive artwork! What a talented artist!

I've been a fan of yours since your broadcasting days in HK. I still have a tape of your last show on CR2 20 years ago. 3 years ago, I happened to turn on the radio to 1430 and I heard a familiar voice. That was actually the very first show you did on 1430. I was so excited that you decided to return to broadcasting, and in LA too! Your show is really the best. It's always so smooth and professionally done. I love the songs that you play.

Take care.

Chien Chien,

My mom and I love your radio broadcast and your enchanted paintings. Your artistic ability is a wonderful inspiration for my dream to become and artist. Best Wishes to you and hope to see more wonderful pieces of your artwork.



Chien Chien,

Your artwork is very beautiful. It is so realistic. I wish you best of wishes to you and your family. Good luck to where ever life may take you. Take care.



I am delighted to see your collection of art. It is interesting to see how you used a mixed media to bring out each animal's special features. Especially with dogs and bears, I can almost feel the fur. Oil is not an easy media to work with and you did a pretty good job. It is hard to see from the screen but I can sort of imagine what the original looks like. Keep up the good work!

Marian Young


I do not know your real name until today! Ha! Ha! Monica is a beautiful name. I really like your radio program. My son, my daughter and I all like to paint and draw. We enjoy your realistic animal paintings and we appreciate your talent. I can see you have a sensitive heart for animals. I'll refer your website to my students too.

Susanne Kwok

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Chien Chien,

I like your art pieces. I also enjoy your radio program. You are really a multi-talented artist.

Simon W. Chong


Chien Chien,

I am very impressed with the way you're able to capture the gesture and the natural essence of each animal! I'll be very interested in finding out what other types of animals you're planning on painting in the near future. Will your repertoire include birds, e.g., egret and other graceful water fowls? Keep up the great work! I'll be visiting again soon!



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