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Dogspell Book Signing Party hosted by Monica and Chinese Daily/World Journal

Saturday, September 10, 2005 at Chinese Daily News Building, Monterey Park, CA

Co-launched with Dogspell is another mother/daughter collaboration of Monica and Megan Dong, a song that portrays a stray dog's hope to be adopted. This song is also available in an English version named I didn't know, and a Chinese version named 有誰知. While Megan wrote the music and English lyrics, Monica co-wrote the Chinese lyrics with famed lyricist John Woo, who has produced, overseen, and written lyrics for Cantonese and Mandarin versions of Disney songs. Both Monica and Megan performed the vocals and produced the songs with the goal of donating all early proceeds to benefit local Dog Rescues. Visit our Song page to learn more about this project. Order song.
“I didn’t know” 『有誰知』是曾狄妍 為配合「狗朋久友」而特別創作的作品,
道出一頭被人遺棄的流浪狗如何的盼望被收養, 如何的盼望「有一個家」。
Click on these links to hear clips of the songs: I Didn't Know / 有誰知

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