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Hi, Monica

I didnt know that you are such a wonderful artist.
Of course, we (I) love your radio show since you are an excellent D.J.
Anyway , we hope to know more about your recent status.



Dear Chien Chien,

Your program had been a source of constant support and motivation for me, as well as many of my friends. You have been a great inspiration for me. I plan to register for the bone marrow donor program soon. The way you do your program is both humorous and educational. I wish you the best of luck. You are doing a great service to the Asian community.
P.S. This is just to let you know that listening to your program had made me a much better and happier person. Keep up the good work.

A fan


Dear Chien Chien,

We are extremely happy that you are back! You have excellent command of English and Chinese and an abundant knowledge. We learn a lot from your talk show.
We missed you so much for the past two and a half years, thank you for coming back!

From a group of your listeners


Dear Chien Chien,

Welcome back!
Finally we can have a program characterized by 'CLASS AND INFORMATIVE VALUE'.
I always look forward to your perfect Cantonese and English annunciations. It's truly music to my ears!
Keep up the good work!



Dear Chien Chien,

Super happy to hear your voice again on the radio, it's really great! Your show has always been an inspiration to me. I remember when I first listened to your show, my son was a toddler. You had given me so much valuable parenting advice. Now my son is going to 2nd grade tomorrow.
Good luck to your show, and thanks for spreading so much positive messages to us. We are so lucky to have you back on the air! Hurray!

Your Big Fan,
Gigi Yanyi Yung

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Hi Chien-Chien,

It's great to have you back again! Keep up the good work! And thank
you for all the advice.



Dear Chien Chien,

How are you? I am so glad to find you voice appearing again on AM 1430. I felt so sad when you left AM 1430 for more than a year. At that time, I was an international student and was working as full time. Therefore, it was not easy for me to listen to your program. However, I was sick one day and accidentally found you on air again! After that, I always want to be a host to work in AM 1430, just because I really want to be your co-worker. (Please don't laugh!)

I came to L.A. in August 1999, and that was not an easy time for me at first (I should say for "everyone", not myself only). Therefore, I would turn on the radio for almost 24 hours. Then, one day around October, I found that there is Chinese channel. Since then, I stuck with this channel. Five years had past and there had been many changes on me. I finished my bachelor degree and also obtained a resident status here. I am so lucky to have a chance to listen to your program again. God treats me so nice!

Chien Chien, it is so nice to hear your voice again. Wishing you all the best! Take care.

Best wishes,


Dear Chien Chien,

It's so nice to hear your voice again on air. You have provided us with quality programs from day one. We miss you so much from the date you left am1430.

From yesterday's broadcast, you mentioned that you have found a good term life insurance company for your family, I wonder if you could share that information with me as I am shopping for some protection for my family too. As different agents are pushing to sell their products, I hope I can get some advice from a more trustworthy source.

Thank you and I appreciate your feed back.
Karen Chan


Dear $$,

The Wing special was great -- "The phantom of the opera" blew me away! I was actually driving when I heard the song and I literally had to stop the car so that I could finish my laughing (or crying? -- very mixed emotions!) and wipe off the tears in my eyes.

Anyway, thanks for the entertainment and the fun ride. It was a great stress relief indeed. People in the community have already been telling me how joyful they are that you're back. Your return to 1430 has made a lot of people happy -- that's for sure. 1430 meanwhile has instantly been upgraded because of the presence of your show -- that's a fact. I'm happy as one of your fans. But, most importantly, I'm really glad to see that you're doing radio again, because, with all due respect to your other talents, you and radio are essentially made for each other -- and that is very clear, my friend. Have a great weekend.


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Dear Chien Chien,

Thank you for sharing the speech of Bill Gates to us. I am one of the moms that love it and really appreciate your effort.



Hi Chien Chien

I would like to receive Gates' speech as mentioned in your today's program. I also want to let you know that you are a wonderful host and I listen to you everyday. You show is both informative and interesting. Have a great day!

Danny Li


Chien Chien,

I really love listening to you program everyday on AM1430.



Dear Chien,

I enjoy listening to your program whenever I have time. Most of the articles you mentioned in the past are so good that I don't want to miss any one in the future.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Chien Chien,

Just want to let you know that your program at 10am each morning is like my alarm clock, usually I will open my eyes at about 10am and listen to your program until 11am and get out of bed and start my day.

Today I heard you will donate two of your beloved piggies for this Saturday's Tsunami fund raising event. I told my husband and we will make this Saturday a special trip to your radio station parking lot and hopefully we can at least get a look at your piggies if I can't get them.
Can you please also email me the poem from your program this morning when you have time?

Mags, Redondo Beach

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Hi, Chien-chien:

I would like to request you to forward me those six poems you broadcasted in your program this morning.

I want to give you a big hand for your program, I don't feel the program is simple and without content. I can hear/see that you did a lot of preparations to make your program sounds good and meaningful. I love it, and you really make me get back to my habit of listening to radio every morning, just like my old days in high school..... (quite a while ago).

Good show everyday!!

Joyce Tsang


Dear Chien,

Thank you very much for providing such good quality program from Monday to Friday. I really learn a lot from you. As a new immigrant from Hong Kong 3 years ago, I was totally at a lost to adapting to a new life in USA. The radio AM1430 was my best friend and compass at that time. I learnt a lot from Mr. Lam Sau Wing's Thursday night program, but since I moved to my present place, the night program will be disturbed at about 5pm, what a pity? Nevertheless, I have you now in the morning to compensate.

Thank you again for keep me up to date in USA.

With best wishes from


Hello Chien Chien,

How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. First of all, I would like to thank you for the Christmas and New Year e-mails you sent.

Thank you very much Chien Chien! You are one really awesome woman. My mom loves you and always looks forward to hearing you on the radio. She is your fan and she follows everything you say. You make her feel so good and she always tells me all the wonderful things you say.


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Aloha Chien Chien

My name is Carol, I'm living in Hawaii. I am glad you return to am1430 radio in September. I love to listen to your show. I learn a lot from you, and because the time is different, (2 hours behind Calif. in the winter, 3 hours behind in the summer) so I can listen to your show on Friday night (repeat). Your show is great. Good luck and take care now.

Michael & Carol Riess


Hi Chien Chien,

Thank you for your Thanksgiving greetings. Our family is blessed with a special friend we met in the air - you!

Recently, a coworker of mine is going through a tough time of losing her loved one, her cat. She needed to give her cat the shot. I wonder if you can send me a copy of the poem (The rainbow bridge) that you read to us before. I hope that could comfort her.

Thank you so much!


Dear Chien Chien,

First of all, I would like to tell you that I am hooked to your show since my husband told me about YOU. I never wrote nor call to any talk show in the past; this is the first time as well. I really enjoy the topics of your shows and the songs were all good choices too.

Today, December 2nd, the topic of our soldiers was very touching to my heart. I decided to donate the Xmas gifts money to the front line in my family members’ and friends’ names, then give them the receipt as the Xmas gift.

Would you forward the mariner’s Santa Claus poem to me? I would like to include it into the Xmas cards we are going to send.

Thank you very much for sharing all these valuable information. Keep up the good work!

Love you,

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Hi Ms. Chien,

How are you? I enjoy listening to your AM1430 daily program very much. The content of your program is usually humorous, informative, entertaining, and very interesting. Since I have two kids of my own, I especially enjoy your parenting topic.

In one of your program last week you discussed about Bill Gates' list. I would like to request a copy of his list please.

My last question is does your program re-run in the early morning hours between 12:00am to 6:00am? If so, please advise me the time.

Thank you.


Hi Chien Chien,

Welcome back to AM1430, so glad to have the good program again.

I need a favor from you please forward the article from Bill Gates that he talked about the young man's attitude. I want my sons to read it, because they don't listen to me.

Please stay for a long time. Don't leave again, because you are the one willing to spend time to look up information to share, not like others who just talk without doing homework and insert songs to kill time. Thank you & wish you all the best.

Mrs. Pang


Dear $$,

My mother is a big fan of your radio show, and this morning, she heard your broadcast concerning the Bill Gates speech. Would it be possible for us to get a copy of it? Thanks!

Jeff and mom

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